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Just ship us your supercharger and I will professionally rebuild it with all new parts. Sea Doo superchargers should be rebuilt every 100 hours of use or every two years, whichever comes first. Quick turn around time, usually one day. Have your ski ready for summer.


Supercharger removal and re-installation instructions will be provided upon request. If you require the special torx spanner just drop me a line and i will get it posted to you first class for no additional charge. 

There are 3 primary reasons to rebuild your supercharger:Prevent bearing failure. The impeller spins are speeds up to 45,000 RPM, and the bearings are rated at 2 years or 100 hours.Prevent washer failure. As the clutch wears, inducing additional friction and heat to the washers, which can cause a catastrophic failure.Restore Lost Performance. When the clutch slips, the supercharger isn't able to make full boost, thus robbing your engine of performance.We use only the latest Genuine Sea-Doo OEM Parts to restore the integrity of your Sea-Doo Supercharger.This is a rebuild service, meaning we will rebuild your supercharger and send back your supercharger.