Case of 3 x 3.7L bottles of Evinrude ETEC outboard Oil

Synthetic XD100 oil provides the very best lubrication and endurance in high performance outboard engines.

The additives that delivers zero smoke or carbon build up along with the best performance while providing the opportunity to reduce oil consumption.

Evinrude ETEC  agents can program the outboards ECU to use XD100 oil in turn you can reduce normal oil consumption compared to using a TCW3 setting which will send more oil to the engine


Part Number 0779711

This is to purchase 3 bottles of XD100, each bottle is (3.785L)


0764588    XD-100 GAL(777118)
0764357    OIL-XD100 GAL
Current    0779711    OIL, XD100 GALLON
0777118    OIL-XD 100 - GAL.
0764357    OIL-XD100 GAL
Current    0779711    OIL, XD100 GALLON


SKU: 0779711    

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