Seadoo Spark Seat cover 

The Seadoo Spark seat on non Trixx models can be dull with a single colour on a plain vinyl fabric. The replacement seat covers we internationally supply are fully customizable to your Seadoo. These also utilise a grip enhanced material directly where the riders contacts the cover.

Stiching can also be colour coordinated.

The orginal Spark seat base and foam is re-used and when replacing the cover stainless steel staples must be used. This can be carried out at home but a industrial grade air powered stapler is required to penetrate the seat base. Electric staplers that we have known customers tried do not have the power to do this. We have a dedicated marine upholster we use in house.

The options are endless for the design of the seat covers and rarely we supply 2 the same unlike the generic products on the market.

Visit our online Seadoo shop for pricing and examples of previous designs.

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