Seadoo GTI Remap

Updated: Jan 25

2020 saw the introduction of the new ROTAX® 1630 ACE™ HO, 4-stroke, Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) engine which comes as a 170hp the previous model GTI's have all come with 130 and 155 horsepowers which can all be upgraded.

The engine produces 125 kW @ 8000 RPM equipped with 12 valves with hydraulic lifters (no adjustment) in 3 cylinders with a Bore of 100 mm.

We can offer a mail order or in house performance upgrade using MaptunerX to get the maximum from your 170hp and we can even push the 130hp past the 170hp mark too!

Our stage 1 kit figures below.

New attained speed: 60 mph

RPM Limit: 8500 rpm

Previous 0-50mph times

Standard 130hp GTI 8,3 sec 440ft

Stock 170hp GTI 5,6 sec 269ft

Our MaptunerX Stage 1: 4,7 sec in 223ft

Capacity 3 L (3.2 qt (U.S. liq.)) oil change w/filter 5 L (5.3 qt (U.S. liq.))total

Lubrication Type Dry sump (2 oil pumps). Replaceable oil filter. Water-cooled oil cooler

COOLING SYSTEM Type Closed loop cooling system Coolant Ethylene-glycol / distilled water mix (50%/50%). Use premix coolant from BRP (Long life antifreeze) or a coolant specially formulated for aluminum engines Cooling system capacity 5.5 L (5.8 qt (U.S. liq.)) total Thermostat opening temperature 80°C (176°F)

IDLE SPEED 170 ENGINE 1820 ± 50 RPM (not adjustable)

Magneto generator output 14V 420W @ 6000 RPM Stator 0.1 to 1.0

Ignition system type IDI (Inductive Discharge Ignition)

Ignition timing Variable (electronically controlled)

SPARK PLUG NGK DCPR8E GAP 0.8 mm to 0.9 mm (.031 in to .035 in)

Engine speed limiter setting 170 ENGINE 8440 RPM

We supply, sell and repair anything to do with Seadoo craft look at our home page for more information.

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