Seadoo 170 engine specifications

Updated: Jan 20

2020 see's the introduction of the new ROTAX® 1630 ACE™ HO, 4-stroke, Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC) engine which comes in the 170hp dress, we have compiled some information below for you.

The engine will be fitted to the following 2020 models.

Seadoo GTI

Seadoo GTX

The engine produces 125 kW @ 8000 RPM equipped with 12 valves with hydraulic lifters (no adjustment) in 3 cylinders with a Bore of 100 mm. The total

Displacement is 1 630.5 cm³ (99.5 in³)

Stroke 69.2 mm (2.7 in)

Compression ratio 11:1

AIR INTAKE SYSTEM Intake spark arrester Tubular, wire screen, integrated in the intake manifold

Oil type XPS 4-stroke synthetic blend oil) (P/N 293 600 121) or a 10W40 mineral engine oil compatible with wet clutches (JASO MA certified oils)

Capacity 3 L (3.2 qt (U.S. liq.)) oil change w/filter 5 L (5.3 qt (U.S. liq.))total

Lubrication Type Dry sump (2 oil pumps). Replaceable oil filter. Water-cooled oil cooler

COOLING SYSTEM Type Closed loop cooling system Coolant Ethylene-glycol / distilled water mix (50%/50%). Use premix coolant from BRP (Long life antifreeze) or a coolant specially formulated for aluminum engines Cooling system capacity 5.5 L (5.8 qt (U.S. liq.)) total Thermostat opening temperature 80°C (176°F)

IDLE SPEED 170 ENGINE 1820 ± 50 RPM (not adjustable)

Magneto generator output 14V 420W @ 6000 RPM Stator 0.1 to 1.0

Ignition system type IDI (Inductive Discharge Ignition)

Ignition timing Variable (electronically controlled)

SPARK PLUG NGK DCPR8E GAP 0.8 mm to 0.9 mm (.031 in to .035 in)

Engine speed limiter setting 170 ENGINE 8440 RPM

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