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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

We stock and supply MaptunerX Tuning Bundles @ £800





Includes everything you need for tuning your supercharged BRP- vehicle. 1x MaptunerX with USB- cable. 1x BRP- Cable 1x Standard License- Gives you access to all available tuning software for your vehicle

Parts required: • MaptunerX • USB- Cable • MaptunerX BRP- Cable • VTECHTUNED Tuning License 1x Tuning License is required for each vehicle. There’re four different license types,

Spark License – For natural aspirated vehicles that gives you complete access to tuning library.

Standard License - For supercharged vehicles that gives you complete access to tuning library.

SLR License – Access to only one software that removes vehicle speed limiter.

Rental License – Access to only one software that reduce speed and power.

You can purchase more licenses by getting in touch with us or purchase in our shop.

A extra peice of software that's available is Mapeditor – modify your own map

Edit values like: - Ignition advance - Fuel map - Boost - RPM Limiter

MaptunerX Diagnostics Maptuner X can perform several diagnostics and service functions, find information about each APP below. Read and clear DTC Codes (Enabled when tuning license is activated) Add, remove or change DESS Keys (Requires additional purchase) Clear history in ECU (Requires additional purchase) Reset Service indicator (Requires additional purchase) Reset throttle position sensor (Enabled when tuning license is activated) Monitoring – Read data in real-time from vehicle sensors and modules. Also compatible with 02-sensor, EGT- sensor etc. (Requires additional purchase) Datalogger – Store data locally on MaptunerX, useful for troubleshooting or dialing in tune. Also compatible with 02-sensor, egt-sensors etc. (Requires additional purchase) BRP Dealer Service APP – Perform DTC Codes, DESS Keys, Clear History, Reset Service, Reset TPS and Monitoring APP on unlimited of vehicles, unlimited of times. No need to synchronize when connecting to new vehicle, APPs will automatically show up.

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