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Updated: May 9, 2020

We offer new and used Jetskis for sale in Poole Dorset. Buying a used jetski can be daunting and it should be without guidance.

e with a large financial outlay on a specialised craft.

Sometimes it goes well and the Jetski purchase experience is a dream other times it can go horribly wrong with break downs, near misses and expensive repair bills.

It doesn't have to be like this, with our experience and advice we can get you the right personal watercraft for your needs.

Reputation is everything to us and we supply brokerage machines we know the history of to avoid nasty surprises.

Jetski Brokerage is where we act as the sales agent for the current owner (normally an existing customer) and ensure the paperwork and history is correct. We charge a set fee of 10% + vat to the current owner of the total sales value the purchaser offers. The buyer does not incur any charges unless additional inspections or trials are required.

Used machines are what we currently hold in stock these machines come with peace of mind as these have already been through our workshops with a stadard parts and labour warranty from us normally for 3 months.

New Jetskis from all manufacturers can be arranged upon request we do not stock new machines on site however can arrange qoutes.

New Jetskis come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty and is transferable to following owners, we offer extended warranty packages following on from this which are fair and proven to pay out on genuine claims. We are an approved workshop to carry out any such repairs.

Come visit us in Cobbs Quay Marina Poole or get in touch to discuss your options were always happy to discuss.

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