Jetski Battery Poole

A flat battery is the last thing you need on your Jetski, we keep a decent stock in all year round for Seadoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki Jet Skis.

We are located in Cobbs Quay Marina in Poole BH14 4EL and can test and dispose of your old battery responsibly, free of charge on site.

More Information.

A good battery should read over 12.4 volts when standing before the key or lanyard is inserted, this goes in hand with the cold cranking amps when the starter motor engages and demands high current load. Most multimeters cannot perform this test however a more expensive battery tester can such as the equipment we have in our Poole workshops.

A jump start from another vehicle can damage electrical components on the Jetski. We have known many Seadoo and Yamaha ECU's fail because of this.

Know the Jetski battery you need?

We can help if you do not, otherwise if the correct battery is already installed then a code should be visible on the side.

Going cheap?

Not recommended by us or will we help unfortunately, the battery is one of the most critical electrical items on you jetski and the risk of it not starting when your out at sea is not a risk we are willing to take. We only sell genuine Yuasa batteries as fitted when the jetski is new.





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