SeaDoo Flywheel bolts

Seadoo Flywheel bolts (set of 6) can fail when used in highly stress situations, prevention is better than cure so we always suggest replacing with our stocked ARP flywheel bolt upgrade components. Our high strength bolt kit directly replaces OEM flywheel bolts which can fail on modified or a hard recreational rider operation of the Sea-Doo 215-300hp engines.

Designed for durability and reliability these are a must have for the rider who wants a bullet proof engine. If the bolts fail the bill will run into thousands with the replacement of the Seadoo stator and related damage (Pictured)

To replace the flywheel bolts on a Seadoo the engine has to be removed due to the flywheel being internal behind the PTO housing from the machine and takes a day to replace, a gasket, shaft seal and oil will need changing at this point which can be found in our store. While installing our kit preparation is key with making sure the threads in the crankshaft are free from oil, contamination and previous locking products.

The engine can be left in the machine but in experience this isn't worth the limited space and clean up operation in the bilge.

Red loctite or equivalent must be used along with torquing the ARP bolts to 47nM.

If you require assistance visit our online shop or get in touch.

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