SeaDoo 300 Problems & Parts

2016 saw the release of the Seadoo 1603cc 300hp engine. A few years on we can share our workshop experiences of what problems which have become apparent on this powerhouse. The large majority of these engines are running with zero issues we have only highlighted the problems we have found.

Early release models required a modified impeller installed into the supercharger housing due to the fins breaking up on the original set up, most of these have been changed but worth checking the Hull number to clear this.

Air intake manifolds can split along the seam letting out valuable boost pressure in stock form but has been a lot more prone when modifying the machine running more boost PSI. A girdle can b installed to prevent this.

Flywheel bolts can shear off normally only found with machines which have been remapped, to change the bolts before a failure is a days work, some oil, gaskets and the ARP bolts.

Jubilee clamps (plenty around these engines) can work loose and need regular inspection.

Excessive oil breathing into the air intake and fouling the intercooler.

Normally caused by high oil level but can be easily eradicated by installing a oil breather catch can.

If you own a 300 and want parts or are looking at owning one feel free to get in touch.

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