Seadoo throttle body 

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The Seadoo electronic throttle body can cause users some issues however we keep in stock a supply of new and sometimes used Genuine Seadoo throttle bodies across the UK and europe.

Used to directly control incoming air into the engine on a craft which operates in a high moisture environment can lead to failures. Poor winterising procedures not draining external intercoolers and/or lubricating the throttle spindle can cause sticky butterflies within the throttle body.

Trying to free of your old throttle body is a losing battle and with the new ETC (electronically throttle controlled) system can actually cause further damage to your ECU. We have procedures to rectify this although have had to replace ECU's in unfortunate cases.

If you suspect a throttle body issue you can purchase one from our UK stock here.

If you would like advice please get in touch on our contact us page with the year of your craft and the problems your experiencing. A member of the team will get back in touch with the latest prices and used availability.

Many new customers are replacing copied / pattern part throttle bodies after premature failures, buy cheap buy twice.

Signs of failure can be a check engine light illuminated at startup that goes away as the throttle starts to free up, losing power while on the water with or without a throttle fault being displayed, high revs at engine idle.

Rotax marine engines are reliable however as with many high performance engine needs the correct maintenance and care procedures, we supply all the genuine parts required to do this, if you are in doubt about how to look after your craft please just get in touch.

Genuine Seadoo throttle body for sale.

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