Seadoo supercharger rebuild

We supply and offer a professional overhaul of this precision 45,000 rpm component. In house, mobile and mail order. 2003 saw the first supercharger in a production PWC, back then producing 185hp which was excellent considering the other manufactures were still using large displacement 2 stroke engines to produce HP. The new concept came with its problems with the notorious delicate ceramic washers fitted in 2004 to prevent clutch wear, 2008 saw the introduction of gold metal clutch disks which made a large improvement to durability and the final version kit released in 2010 with molybdenum coated washers kit. We overhaul countless superchargers every year, with the right care the Seadoo supercharger need not be a worry. Only genuine Seadoo parts will suffice while overhauling this component . Get in touch for a quotation.

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SeaDoo iBR Module Repair

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