SeaDoo Starter Motor UK

Suppliers of new Genuine and Aftermarket high quality starter motors for sale UK.

Located in the depths of the bilge, starter motors not only have to endure a life of turning over a high performance engine, lay dormant through the winter months and then you have the high levels of humidity.

With all this in mind its no surprise they become tired and can fail all together.

We stock a full line up of high quality, workshop proven aftermarket starter motors which are all warranted.

We want our customers to be happy and order what is required so before ordering check the following;

1. Battery needs drop testing for Cold Cranking Amps a local garage or battery centre offer this service (correct battery voltage is not sufficient)

2. Terminals on battery need to be clean and tight.

3. Both power cables throughout + and - need inspecting for corrosion.

4. Starter solenoid allowing full current across contacts.

Once the above has been checked out you can normally assume the starter motor is at fault.

Based in Poole and Bournemouth we offer a specialist dealer quality service for Seadoo PWC's.

Fully mobile and workshop Jetski repair across the South Coast.

Visit our online shop or if you cant find what we need get in touch for a quote or advice, we would be happy to help.

JETSKIHUB "for all your Jetski needs"

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