SeaDoo JetSki Winterisation Winterise (Winterize) Poole Dorset

Many customers have asked me if its necessary to winterise their SeaDoo or Yamaha JetSki over the chilly and dark part of the year. I am going to explain my thoughts relating to this through my experience.

Firstly if you Jetski all year round which a small percentage do, then you can't effectively winterise you Jetski as by using it, the treatments and additives are removed during use.

There a precautions that can be taken but not full protection offered by a full winterisation. If this sounds like you give us a call or drop us a line for tips.

For the average user when you find yourself shivering at the end of the day and its getting dark, its the end of the season (In the UK between October-November) its time to protect your investment over the coming months.

At Jet Ski Hub a UK winterisation covers the following items on SeaDoo and Yamaha JetSki's;

1) Battery removal

2) Raw water coolant system flushed followed by corrosion and freezing inhibitors.

3) Fuel Stabilisation for fuel inject models or drain down or on carburetors to avoid varnishing.

4) Bilge flushed through and fully drained

5) Fogging oil used to coat internal parts from corrosion.

6) Inter cooler draining (if equipped)

We offer a fully mobile service along with workshop facilties to cover the above.

Winterisation cost £80.00 if you wish to book in then please call us on 07886295225 or email

JetSkiHub "For all your Jetski needs"

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