SeaDoo Pump Rebuild noisey

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Applicable to 2002-2016 4-tec engine range.

The jet pump takes the full rotational force from your engine and converts it into thrust to power you along on your SeaDoo, Yamaha or Rotax powered boat. Faced with debris in the water such as fishing lines and the occasional mixture of stones/sand it is essential the pump is inspected regularly.

As part of a annual service at JetSkiHub the jet pump grease cavity is inspected to ensure there is no presence of water or grease discolouration.

In the image you can see the results of a jet pump bearing failure on a poorly maintained machine with the failed parts directly on top of the stainless steel work bench. When the pump deteriorates to this point (bearing race has broken apart) the impeller is no longer held back within the pump and acting like a screw in the water it try's to climb forwards, this results in the drive shaft being thrust into the engine.

In this particular case it sunk the machine due to opening up the carbon seal located on the drive shaft, this may sound bad however it normally destroys the engine sending the crankshaft forwards and causing irreparable damage to the engine internal components.

The pumps are a relatively simple setup and are as important to maintain as the engine, a press and good mechanical comprehension is needed to complete a quality job.

If you think your pump is sounding louder than usual get in touch and were be happy to offer advice or supply parts to complete your repair.

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