Sea-Doo Stator Test not charging

When faced with charging failure on your Sea-Doo there are a few things to check and the stator is the break in the chain that isn't the desirable part to fail, located within the engine its a big job to change.

To give a basic overview the Sea-Doo charging system is similar to a motorbike or outboard, there is a internal stator made up of either two or three winding's depending on the output required. This then is connected via yellow wires to the rectifier/regulator which converts the stator's AC output into 12 volts DC which is suitable to charge the battery and run the electrical systems on board.

A stator can be ruled out while electrical fault finding by a simple test using a multi meter which has a Ohms function to measure resistance. Here are the steps you can carry out to check the stator's condition.

* Switch the multi meter onto Ohms mode.

* Connect the black probe to the engine earth (any metal shinny part of the engine)

* Disconnect the rectifier and use the red probe to test each yellow wire.

* There should be NO resistance (open circuit) between earth and any yellow wires. If there is any resistance the stator has died.

* Check between the yellow wires at the same location changing between all the different combinations there should be between 0.1 - 1.1 Ohms of resistance. If this is out of spec then remove the plug where the yellow wires go into the engine and retest to ensure the wiring loom isn't damaged and giving you a different resistance range.

For more help, advice or need some parts get in touch.


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