What Jet Ski Should I Buy?

Over the years i have had many customers ask me this question, the first thing I need to know is "what are you going to be using it for". This will determine how powerfull you need the craft to be and the seating capacity. Between second hand and new craft in the UK horsepower can range between 85-300 so getting the right power is high up on the list, also worth noting that normally with more power the overall costing will be higher for running and maintaining the craft. If your looking for a new craft give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Second Hand Jet Skis

Ask the owner as many relevant questions as possible before setting off to view a Jet Ski to learn as much as possible beforehand;

· Whether they have modified the jet ski in any way

· How long they have owned the jet ski?

· How many hours the jet ski has spent on the water?

· Whether they bought it new or second-hand themselves

· How much maintenance has been carried out? and do they have the receipts to prove this.

When looking at the engine, look to see if the bolts or clips have rust or corrosion on them. Corrosion is often caused by the craft being used in salt water and not being hosed off after riding it. It is also caused by the motor not drying out between uses. Corrosion on the outside could indicate corrosion on the inside which could cause major engine damage.

Never buy a jetski which apparently runs great but needs a battery! Either take a battery with you OR move on. You can start a jet ski and run it out of the water up to 30 seconds to at least make sure it starts.

Compression that varies more than 10 percent between the cylinders may be a indicator the engine is worn out.

Most two stroke ski's are getting long in the tooth and its not unusual for them to have had one rebuild in their lifetime. Some models had rebuilds before they had done 50 hours and other would have done at over 100. The reasons for rebuilds normally are either user error or mechanical failure, very often not associated with hours.

The first four stroke released in 2002 are capable of hundreds of hours. For an average user they will turn over around 15-20 hours per year, Don't be afraid by hours, it is more important that it has been serviced regularly and more often low hours can be more troublesome than high hours.

Two Stroke or Four Stroke?

So the 2-stroke ski's often fit peoples budget however they are now ageing and will require ongoing repairs as part naturally deteriorate.

The 4-stroke is preferred simply because of age and being fuss free starting and fueling (no fussing with 2 stroke oil). Some of the early 4 strokes are past the 10 year mark of service so repairs are becoming more frequent.

If you need advice we are always here to help.




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