Buying a used Jetski?

Seadoo engine rebuild

Buying a used jet ski can be a daunting task to the inexperienced and so it should be. Over the years i have seen many people fall into the pitfall of buying a used jetski which then costs hundreds of pounds to put right. I would always suggest speaking to a professional to have a inspection carried out before hand. At Jet Ski Hub we do offer this service on a nationwide basis. If your going to be going in alone, here area couple of things you should look out for. Service history present, always meet at there home or business address, both keys/lanyards, no oil or coolant in bilge, engine mounts are intact, trailer bearings good enough to get home at least, bad fiberglass repairs.

The list goes on but before you part with your hard earnt cash a general rule of thumb is if the jetski has been regularly service and the exterior looks good its a sign its been looked after. Buying used jetski's are not doom and gloom but go in prepared. If you have any questions let us know.

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