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As well as offering an established workshop facility in Poole we are also a supplier of paddle boards to the public.

Working closely with a local family run business who started production of these 'sandbanks boardsboards' back in 2014. They have proven very popular with the 3 year private use replacement guarantee against defects on the boards along with 2 years for schools and training centres.

This confidence comes from an almost indestructible and proven cutting edge design allowing a rider of up to 115kgs to use the sandbanks board without bending or deforming.


The board benefits from welded not glued seams, the best quality materials and production quality control measures which is only comparable to the market leading paddle board suppliers.  

Many boat owners now use these as a tender owing to fact these can be inflated and ready to use in under 10 minutes along with being small enough to fold up into its carry case with its pump and paddle which are all included in the prices. 

Starting at an incredible £499 we stock a wide selection of colours and designs in Cobbs Quay Marina please contact 07886295225 anytime to make a sales enquiry or click the link to our shop.

Stand up paddle boarding is a great fun and low impacting exercise for the whole family and a great way to explore the water.  

Using the combination of balance and strength its a excellent core workout along with legs, back, shoulders, arms and neck.


SUP Boarder who offer Independent Equipment Reviews scored the boards a 10/10 for value on the 2018 model and these have been improved further for 2019!

Click on the SUP Boarder logo for the full review.